How To Flash Nokia Phone (All Models) With Nokia Flashing Software Complete Description (Complete Tutorial)

If your Nokia device doesn't work properly like it does not start or restarts on its own, startup screen hangup, mobile applications like video player, calculator, music player, and others get hanged up and do not work properly, then you can repair it by flashing your Nokia device at home within a few minutes. In this article, I am going to explain elaborately to you about how to flash your Nokia device with Nokia Flash Tool. 
First of all, you must have a laptop or a computer and a compatible USB data cable with you. You should also have Nokia USB Drivers installed on your device or Nokia PC suites (To get them from our website Click Here). Remember you must have PC Suite and USB Driver of your own brand of Nokia Phone. You also need a flashing software for this. I recommend Nokia BB5 easy service tool because it is easy to deal with and takes comparatively less time. Once you have all these, then you can start flashing.  
To download original firmware for your Nokia phone you must find the RM version of your phone which is mostly written on the backside of your phone under the battery space. You can see it by removing the back cover of your phone and battery.

You should also download the respective firmware/flash files for your Nokia phone (Nokia Flash Files). Once downloaded, place them in a separate folder. Now, let's start flashing.
  1. Install Nokia PC Suite and USB Drivers and then, restart your computer. 
  2. Download and place Nokia firmware files in a separate folder.
  3. Now install the Nokia BB5 easy service tool.
  4. Double click on "best".
  5. Nokia BB5 Service tool will start running.
  6. There go to the flashing tab on the top of the window.
  7. From there select your RM version.
  8. The firmware files would be automatically added from there.
  9. Finally, select the "DeadMode" by a tick on the empty box. 
  10. At last, click on the 'FLASH' button in the bottom.
  11. Here connect your Nokia Device to your PC via a USB Data cable. 
  12. Flashing will automatically start and proceed. If for any reason the flashing does not start, then click on the power button for a second and it would start. If not then also, then remove your battery, reinsert it and follow these steps again.
  13. Flashing will be completed within 10 minutes. And after that a "Flashing done" messages would appear. Your phone will restart automatically. Remove your USB data cable and do a factory reset. 
  14. Your phone would no longer have the problems that were there in the start. So, enjoy using your Nokia device.
You can get all the flash files, USB drivers and pc suites for your Nokia model from our website. Search for your phone model and you will get it.

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